Hoshi to Mori no Uta Museum

1099-1 Inaba, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata, 948-0101, Japan

TEL: 025-752-7202 FAX: 025-752-7203

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Q1. Why “Hoshi to Mori no Uta”?
A1. The name “Hoshi to Mori no Uta” comes from the works of three artists whose works have became the core of the museum’s collection: Joichi Hoshi’s woodblock print, “Hoshi no Mori (Forest of the Stars)”; Akitsugu Amata’s sword, “Shichisei-Ken (Sword of the Big Dipper)”; and Hidemasa Fujimaki’s sculpture, “Mori no Uta (Poetry of the Forest)”. We put these together as “Hoshi to Mori no Uta” Museum. (“Hoshi to Mori no Uta” translates to “Poetry of the Stars and Forest” in English.)

Q2. Is there a planetarium at the museum? Can I see the stars?
A2. Sorry, there is no planetarium. Also, please note that we do not house exhibits related to space, nor do we open at night.

Q3. Are Joichi Hoshi’s prints exhibited all year round?
A3. This museum does not exhibit the works of Joichi Hoshi as part of a permanent exhibition, so there are times where you cannot see them here.

Q4. Do you exhibit the same works of Joichi Hoshi, anytime?
A4. This museum has 250 woodblock prints of Joichi Hoshi. We decide an exhibit theme, and choose which prints to display at any one time in accordance with this theme.

Q5. Can I see Akitsugu Amata’s swords all year round?
A5. This museum does not exhibit the works of Akitsugu Amata as part of a permanent exhibition, so there are times where you cannot see them here.

Q6. Whose work are the outdoor sculptures? How many are there?
A6. They are made by Hidemasa Fujimaki. There are 21 works in the area between the parking lot and the museum.

Q7. Is the museum open all year round?
A7. The museum is closed during the winter period (December 1~March 31). During April to November, we are closed every Tuesday (when a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, the museum is closed the following day), and while exhibitions are being changed.

Q8. Do you change the contents of the exhibitions?
A8. This museum has no permanent exhibits. We hold each exhibition for approximately four times a year.

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